T H E     P H O T O G R A P H S

    Caruso with Lucretia Bori

    Caruso with his friend Scotti

    The Lucia Sextet

    Young Caruso 1    2    3   . 4

    The clever cartoonist

    Caruso hamming it up

    Caruso with Helen Keller



    Caruso on a movie set

    Caruso with his piano

    La Juive program

    Eleazar (from La Juive)

    Rachel (from La Juive)

    Caruso reading on a bench

    Caruso always the public clown

    Caruso sailing to Italy

    The Hotel Vittoria, Caruso's residence in Sorrento (foto by Erika Mager)

    Italy 1    2    3

    With his wife and Gloria

    Reputed to be the last photograph

    Most likely the last photograph

    In repose - Napoli, 1921

    Caruso's tomb (photo by Phil Wallace)

    The photographs submitted by Erika Mager in April 2000